Over the last 12 months I have had a rediscovery of my love and passion for music.  This has largely been helped by my introduction to both vinyl records and streaming music.  So with this new hobby I have decided to buy a new vinyl record each month and write about the experience.  Been an experience I will shed some light on my buying process and choice of album, thoughts on the vinyl’s packaging and then a final review of that all important first listen.

I will also be writing about my music history, showing how my tastes have changed over the years and the albums that I love.

Please add an album to the Recommend an Album section.  I am not a complete music historian and there is no better way to find new music than by the recommendations of others.  I love finding a hidden gem or album I have never listened to before.  If I find an album I enjoy I will post about it.

My Discogs collection of vinyl

Additional content will be added as the blog progresses.

So without further ado continue reading for insight into the mind of a music fan.

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