The Doors – The Doors

It’s been a while so lets get things started with a classic 60s album.

Purchase and Packaging

As I haven’t purchased a record for a few months I felt it was time to go back to the beginning and what better place to start than with The Doors debut album.  On payday I headed for the local music shop and flicked through the records and this little beauty was only £15.99, it was an easy choice.

The record comes in a simple single case with a paper inner slip case and what I can only guess is the original inner slip case.  Its basic but simple and a nice copy of the original.

First Listen

Break On Through is a great opening track, fast and full of 60s themes and a true American 60s defining song.

As the tracks progress the use of the organ is utilised to great effect, giving a unique sound to the whole album.  Each track is also full of great guitar riffs, amazing considering Robby Krieger had only been playing the guitar for 6 months or so at the time!!!

Jim Morrison is not your usual rock star front man, his voice isn’t scream or shouty, he often mumbles and you can’t make out what he is singing but that adds to the joy of the 60s hippy vibe given off from the whole album.  His lyrics often sounds like he is reciting poetry, which he is known to have read a lot of.

Alabama Song starts off as such a fun music track in the midst of the other very serious tracks, the music maybe fun however the the lyrics imply something a lot deeper and darker about the pull of drinking alcohol and sex.

The first side finishes with their first breakout track Light My Fire, which is a great song but for me has been spoilt by the many remakes of it through the years.  However this is the definitive version with the long musical section in the middle It just shows how brave the band were for doing the unconventional at the time and pushing the limits of how long a track could be.  It’s a great listen to just chill out to, the guitar solo is incredible.  I love how after about 3 or 4 minutes of the music section they just roll straight back into the lyrics and really go for it.

Side two opens with Back Door Man, which has such a great bass riff throughout.  This is a music power house, and a lesson in how to keep things simple to brilliant effect, it has a great blues vibe.

Side two isn’t as strong as side one until you get to the epic The End.  What a track, it just builds and builds, it has no real structure but seems to wash over you.  The lyrics make no sense and it feels like Jim was just making them up as he was recording.  But this isn’t about catchy pop sounds, its music to listen to and contemplate to.

I have no point of reference to compare this vinyl to as I never owned a CD version or digital version.  All I can say about the vinyl version is its clean and clear and all the elements stand out when needed.

Final Thoughts

A total classic album in every sense and needs to be in every record collection.




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